Thursday, June 11, 2009

a picture worth a 1000 translation...
by looking at the picture, many thinks they know and understand everything.
they so liberally speak of what seems to be the truth in their eyes.
but does the perception of what the eyes tells us justifies the truth?
we may assume, we may conclude...
but which conclusion clarifies the end?

but the question here is... does the eyes speaks of the truth?

we see what we want to see, so does it make it any less true?

what is the truth?

what is reality?

tell me whats ur observation... what do u see in the picture?


  1. my observation... the cow is hittin on the bulls she myt bump into at the club...

  2. she's a actually a he (trans gender)...or some kind of a freak show. u noe performers these days... they do lots of things to survive.

  3. she fergot to bring her shirt with her.. thats y she's half naked.

  4. she has a gun inside the bag.

  5. the cow is trying to look good for a date with the bull

  6. heheheh...
    trying to look good for the cow..

  7. hmm... i see peer peer pressure: the cleavage bearing, the ultra low waistline, the thick lipstick, the handbag... the cow is trying to be something its not: a woman.