Tuesday, April 26, 2011


For almost 4 months I have been sitting indoors not wanting to explore the outside world. It’s really sickening when I was born optimist but slowly the world just changes me into becoming paranoid. The more I get to know the world the more suspicious I became. The anger and hatred just keeps growing bigger. All I ever wanted was to help people around me, whenever I decided to help people it’s only because I love doing it and it makes my heart full as it brings meaning to my life. I guess my judgements can no longer be trusted as I have been constantly stabbed at the back by the people I thought was my friends and those whom I trusted. It hurts so much. If it was done intentionally, congratulation you have got what you wanted. I hope you are satisfied with your life, I do not wish you for the worst. I forgive you. Nevertheless what goes around comes around, I leave that to god. Nonetheless if it was unintentional then perhaps I was just being overly sensitive. I was never warned or told that wanting to help people was so much trouble. But even so I’m a forgiver. No matter how much pain you have caused me or how angry I may seemed, I will always forgive because that is just the kind of person I am and I would do it all over again anytime.

Friday, April 8, 2011

did u miss me~~ lol

Hey guys and to my very few loyal followers who had been constantly asking me for more entries… I know it’s been ages since I last post my blog… things have been crazy for the past few years… but im finally back… will update more soon…

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a picture worth a 1000 translation...
by looking at the picture, many thinks they know and understand everything.
they so liberally speak of what seems to be the truth in their eyes.
but does the perception of what the eyes tells us justifies the truth?
we may assume, we may conclude...
but which conclusion clarifies the end?

but the question here is... does the eyes speaks of the truth?

we see what we want to see, so does it make it any less true?

what is the truth?

what is reality?

tell me whats ur observation... what do u see in the picture?

family day...

occasion -family day
venue -kuala kangsar (near tanjung rambutan) seriusly no kidding.
date - dont remember. but friday-sunday
involvement -supposedly 150 people. but im not sure how many came.

let me explain y our family consist of that many people... well easy...my great great great grandpa had three wives. so basically it was the reunion between the 3 wives family. so do the math. lol...

now let me introduce some of the female cousins that im more close to. from the left we have the beautiful mieza. but sorie boys she's taken.

facts ive learnt abt her
  • she's crazy n super hillarious
  • she's loud.. which is a gud thing... (we have sumin in common)
  • she has a very unique n sexy voice.
  • n i just found out she's in the hospital ryt no. apparently been hit by a truck. bt she's ok though. atleast i hope so... gudluck gurl.. wish u well.

next to her is my super cool cousin yana... she's so funky!!!
everybody in the family luvs her.
she's the person evryone could count on. n this cutie pie is also taken...

facts ive learnt abt her

  • she's very responsible
  • her laughter makes me laugh
  • she's crazy people!!! beware...
  • she celebrate her anniversary evry week
  • she is also very loud
  • she's a nice person n very confident.

the cute person beside yana is ofcos the fabulous me!!!!

so here is the amazing kak ira or should i say auntie ira lol.. first of all kak ira sorie cuz i took all the photos from ur blog. but i din have any so i assume u forgive me cuz ur such a wonderful auntie... btw boys she's already married n has a beautiful baby gurl.

facts ive learnt abt her
  • she's the craziest one
  • she's so funny. hillarious
  • she has her own signature pose evrytym taking photos. it wud be either tounge hanging out or the peace sign.
  • her voice is not as loud compare to us but she makes the funniest jokes.

so here is me n yana... yana made me bent my knees so we'll seem equal in height. lol.. it was so funny... i had a gud tym...
well theres a story behind this picture. u see the guy inside the phone booth? well i dunno who he was. but he requested that one of us gurls talk to his wife. apparently that guy has a name. he introduce himself as razak. lol. it turns out he was super angry at his wife for kareokeing with some guys. so this razak guy requested that one of talk to his wife to make her jealous. he was trying to have his revenge i suppose. so i so bravely voluntered myself. razak dialled the number. n b4 i cud even finish saying hello the wife shouted at me in some foreign language no one cud ever understand. she hung up. n the guy said thanx n walked away. we we're left puzzled with our own thoughts. 5 mins later we laughed lyk crazy people.

here was the event where my 2 brothers so fiercely involved. adam n alep. but too bad they lost!!! i was in my room sleeping... hihihihi maklong n ucu dnt be mad k...

in conclusion evrything was quite fun... u guys rock!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

c3 is the best!!!!

c3 terbaik!!
qis & sha & zura
time mkn.. i tgh amik mknn
dlm bas...

the trip was soooooo much fun... we all had such a good tym.. ktorg sme syg sgt ngn Puan Raudzah!! she's the best.. she's lyk our mom... she treats us lyk one.. thanx puan.. c3 4ever rocks!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VIVA dilemma!!!

i never listened to a word on what so ever was happening during the seminar but instead, this was what i did:
1-cam whoring
3- teasing the boys.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

back to basics


hye guys!! This is me basically… im still new here… just had my blog site done last nyt… the most basic thing u guys need to noe abt me is tht me & technology just don’t have any chemistry… so obviously its gonna take a hell of a tym 4 me to get the hang of this site… but anyways im still gonna try my very best to be competent… (lol as if that’s gonna happen)…

Sunday, December 14, 2008

fuck them haters!!

people are often unreasonable, illogical, and self centered.
forgive them anyway...
if u r kind, people may accuse u of selfish, ulterior motive.
be kind anyway...
if u r successful, u will win some false frenz and some true frenz.
succeed anyway...
if u r honest n frank, people may cheat u.
be honest & frank anyway...
if u find serenity, n happiness, people may jealous,
be happy anyway...
the good u do today, people will often forget tomorrow.
do good anyway...
u see, in the final analysis, it is between u n god. it was never between u n them anyway...

-mother Theresa-